Butter Avenue

Distillery, Korean, Butter Avenue 035
Taken with my Nikon1


My friends and I had an exchange gift on December 6, 2015 and we had our desserts and hot drinks at Butter Avenue on Queen Street West and Spadina. I like this store location more than the one at Yonge Street and Lawrence because their room downstairs of the store is very cozy and quiet (even though we weren’t that quiet that time :D).  They will bring down your order to you if you are dining in, which I find nice 🙂

This place is a must if you are ever in the area.  Their macarons are so good! I wish I had gotten their St. Honore tart.  Maybe next time I go to either stores, I’ll make sure to also get that.  I had their Chai Tea Latte and it was delish! I love a good drink to match the desserts. It’s a must!

Head to Butter Avenue for some good treats!




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