Summerlicious 2016

I always get excited when food events such as Summerlicious/Winterlicious comes.  That only means 3 course prix fixe menu (lunch or dinner) for over 250 participating restaurants in Toronto.

Scrolling and browsing through the restaurants menu just gets me very indiscisive. They all sound good! If I can only go to 3 places after another, I would.

I finally decided to pay a visit to Quinn’s Steakhouse and Irish Bar in downtown. It’s located in Sheraton Hotel at Richmond Street West. My boyfriend and I had our Summerlicious dinner there and our server was so friendly and nice.

They offered $38 prix fixe menu for dinner and had more than three choices for their main course, which I like.

Our order was compeletely different. I had all vegan meal and he had of course, meat!

My order was the Watermelon & Charred Sungold Tomato Soup (cold soup, very refreshing taste from the watermelon and basil), Wild Mushroom Potato Gnocchi and Blackberry & Ontario Rhubarb Crisp

He had the Sweet Corn Chowder (so good! I love the sweetness of the corn), Steak & Frites and Quinn’s Cheesecake

So glad I decided to go to Quinn’s Steakhouse. I hope to be back soon!


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