Petit Potato

I like meeting new people who shares the same passion as me and that is food and taking pictures of food. I was invited to this new Taiwanese, Japanese fusion restaurant called Petit Potato sometime in June, but unfortunately I couldn’t go. I have been meaning to try this place ever since the invitation.

I finally had the chance to visit this restaurant that seems to be all over Instagram. They’re known for their Special Golden Toast that comes in differen flavours. The most popular one is the mango. I’d like to try it next time and the Marshmallow Toast. Once you see the pictures, you would want to check it out.

I sure love Takoyaki (Octopus Ball). 5 for $6.99

I was feeling Ramen so I decided on the Slice Pork Ramen. It wasn’t the greatest but it was still good. It hit the spot! $10.95

My best friend ordered the Beef Striploin Steak Omurice with Black Pepper Sauce. It had a piece and I wouldn’t mind ordering this. It had good a flavour. I tasted curry in the sauce. $12.99

The grand finale! Mine and my best friend’s dessert: Blueberry Special Golden Toast. How amazing is that! Thick slices of toast with vanilla ice cream on top and drizzled with goodness and more blueberries. We did have trouble finishing this even though there were two of us. I think this dessert is good for 3 people… Or more (haha!). $14.99

Be back soon, Petit Potato!


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