Being a “blogger”

Let me start by telling on how I’ve decided to become a blogger. I didn’t. It all started 2 years ago when I went on a Euro trip with my parents. After seeing all the architechtures and history of each country, I fell in love with photography. It wowed me (literally) everytime I saw the main sights. 

I started posting the pictures I took on my personal Instagram then my boyfriend suggested I should make a separate Instagram account only for my photography. It went from my Euro travels to outfits and until I was trying to figure out what else to post. What would “click”.  It frustrated me (seriously). At one point, I stopped posting on it and thought it was kind of pointless having a second account when I hardly post anymore. 

One day, I decided to make a blog. I tried once but it didn’t go anywhere. Long story short, I started posting more food photos and adding on catchy hashtags and even hashtagging my Instagram handle. I recieved positive feedbacks and met friendly Instafoodies. I was like, wow this is amazing! I even recieved offers and invites from tasting events, food item alerts and dresses. I go on trips and share my food adventures and photography to my followers.

Now, my Instagram account became a gallery of food, travels, photography and life style. I guess that’s how my blogging journey started.

Visit @_itsrubysgallery on Instagram for more
Flying over the mountains in British Columbia on the way to Vancouver.


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