British Columbia 

Going to Vancouver has always been in our list to visit. Then we got invited to a wedding in Bremerton, Washington State, my Dad decided to stop over in Vancouver for a few days. We met his cousins that he hasn’t seen in decades. It was a short and sweet stay. They were very nice and took us places in such a short time. 

I finally got to go to Laduree Vancouver to buy some yummy macarons (I love macarons). I never got to go to the one in Paris the time we went, so I thought Vancouver is just as good!

Iced Caramel Macchiatto and Macarons
Laduree Vancouver
So much macarons!

Here are some pictures from our stroll at Stanley Park.

Calm afternoon
My Mom reading the brief history of the statue
My Mom watching the cruise ship
There’s something about marinas that I love…
Strolling and photography


The bridge

I hope to be back in British Columbia someday.


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